Thursday, 24 April 2014


Recently Whero Films teamed with Brad Thorn and Heineken to raise some money for Reporters Without Boarders. The oldest man to every win a Rugby World Cup Brad is still lifting personal bests in the weight room, and inspiring everybody around him.

Below is another gym session Whero Films filmed with Brand back in 2011 (just after loosing the Super Rugby Grand Final and before going off to All Blacks camp for the Rugby World Cup)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Presenting a horror-comedy so bad the festival judges refuse to comment on it. From the winners of last years 'BEST DISQUALIFIED FILM' comes the worst 'BEST WORST-FILM' in Rialto's 48 Hour Film Festival 2014. This Sucker didn't even get past the first round

Storyboad / shortlist by Arnya after reading Tom's Script.

The horror-parody screened just-the-once at the Palms Cinema in Christchurch and almost caused one woman to literally laugh herself to death. Reviews from the screening generally questioned how deliberate the comedy was, but agreed it at least looked good.

Whero FIlms put together a 48 hour team of industry professionals. Art Director Arnya Karaitiana and Fashion Photographer David Richards can be thanked for the look and feel of the production that took less then 12 hours to film. Tom Hazledine can be held accountable for the “its pretty silly guys” screenplay that he smashed out in less then 10 hours (his screenplay is way funnier then the film).
Though it is amazing what a good team can produce in 48 hours. What guts me most about being cut so early is that the intended audience will never hear the audible sound scape Joe Lavery and Tom Clever crafted and designed for a deep cinema sound-system. Get some headphone on and check it out.

Anyway, hopefully our teams attempt at making the Best Worst Film makes you laugh out loud at least once over the 5 minute duration!

Staring Sheldon Close and Brooke Bath
Screenplay by Thomas Hazeldine
Produced by Brooke Freeman
Directed by Arnya Karaitiana and James McLeod
Director of Photography Dave Richards
Technical Director Gavin Bath
Field Assistant Stephan Rust
Music by Joe Lavery and Thomas Clever
Make-up by Emma Robinson
Edited by James McLeod
Special thanks to Maz & Al Freeman